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Okaaaaaay, whatever, fine, gawd.

I admit it: I am a sick, sick man.

Oh my gossshhh, what a weekend.
Jean's sleepover was awesome and fun and awesome and I'm going to steal her house. And maybe her dog. Oh, I might as well just move in. Anyways, everyone but Erin and myself fell asleep in the early morning. Erin and I never did fall asleep, opting instead to watch the sunrise and then laughing at every goddamn thing because we were so sleep-deprived.

I came home in the afternoon on Saturday and fell asleep on the couch from 4 to 6, waiting for my uncle to get there. When he did finally arrive, it was off to San Fran to see TMBG. What can I say, they were magical. Great, awesome, just as I remembered from last time and so on. After it was over, Jimmie drove me to my mom's house...and it took about an hour or so to get there. Bean was drunk, and that was verrry amusing. She kept reiterating everything, so I made her go to sleep. None of us woke up until 4 in the afternoon the next day, so Bean just drove me home. Oh well, good times.

I got a cavity filled today. Yay. And school starts next week. Whee.

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