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I am immortal!!!!!!

Whoa, long weekend. I went to Great America yesterday and today. Yesterday was just for fun and to see friends and stuff, but today it was to see Weird Al! The show was very fun. And I got a shirt! It has anime!Al on it.

OH! OH! Yesterday I got the shirt that I ordered a few weeks ago.

I love it...sooo much.

Teh gerlsss. (Left to right: Eileen, Erin, Angela, Nicole and, that bitch, Roxie)

Everyone else rode that while Erin and I were eating ice cream. Roller coaster riding is...not a thing that the people in my family do well. Ice cream eating, however, is.

There they are. Riding rides, having fun, flipping me off.

WATER PARK!! I forced Michael to run around the kid's area with me and we got drenched. We also lost our other friends and wandered around for about an hour. Fun. Wet, painful fun.

I took this from the sky tower ride.

Front of the park.

Best Erin + hat picture ever.

They shoved this hat on my head and took pictures before I got a chance to see what it looks like. I feel in love with it...so I bought it. You can never have too many octopi in your life.

"I shoooot you."

Michael. Yes, the one from all the creepy conversations.

Nicole just told Eileen something dirty. That's Eileen's "Oh my" face.

Teh flowers were in bloom.

And I have Jean's birthday party and They Might Be Giants to look forward to this week. :D


Aug. 9th, 2004 07:01 pm (UTC)
Haha. *waaaves*


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