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This is gonna be long.

Saw Anchorman! Very amusing. Bean didn't like it, but Paul and I did. She thought it was stupid....and I thought that that was the point. Funny stupid. On purpose. Aaanyways...

I got Cirrus a big plastic rat ball to run around in, and she really likes it. She still tries to crawl on me whilst inside it, but as she's encased in plastic, it's a bit difficult.

I had my Senior pictures taken today. I decided to wear the traditional girl's drape for only half of them, and I wore a tuxedo for the rest. I think that'll look cool.

There was this really cool old boat there next to the dock.


I made a barricade against the waves. The water rushed in as soon as I got up.

Jean! Eating a cupcake! ...!!!!


It got hooootttt.

This might be my favorite picture of all the ones I've ever taken. I don't know why, I just love it.

I really liked these here parts of this interview:

How important was that movie to you?

Molina: Oh, I haven’t talked about Prick Up Your Ears for years. Well it was important because it was the first leading role in a film I think I’d done. I mean, up until then, I’d done small parts or supporting roles and that was the first time I’d had a leading role and it was at the time, quite a ground-breaking movie and it was dealing with a subject which nowadays seems almost sort of kind of almost blasé.

Did you have any trepidation about doing that film?

Molina: No, not at all. I’ve never been nervous about - I suppose you’re asking about the scene where I’m having sex with a man? I suppose that’s what you’re asking about. I’ve never found that, I’ve always been more nervous about having sex with a woman on film and I think - speaking as an enthusiastic heterosexual - I think it’s because, if you’re a straight guy making out with a guy, it really is acting and there’s no chance that you’re suddenly going to find yourself embarrassingly aroused whereas if you‘re a straight man and you’ve got to do a love scene with some gorgeous actress, there’s always the possibility that little Fred Jnr suddenly gets a bit warmed up.

Has that ever happened to you?

Molina: It’s never, it’s actually never happened. I’m merely speaking hypothetically of a possibility whereas man on man action would not excite me at all. And also, it’s, I was playing a character but Gary Oldman’s a good kisser by the way. Just by the by.


Any important stuff in Spider-Man 2 that didn’t make it that will be on the DVD?

Molina: Oh, my nude scene? My nude scene, yeah, in that scene I had five tentacles.

(just so nobody freaks out, he was kidding about that last part...which kind of makes me sad)

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