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Hot dog...

I had a dream that I was microwaving vegetarian hot dogs in a sushi restaurant. Not nearly as good as Michael's dreams the past few days, but still...confusing.

Today I went to...The Improv!

Mitch was so funny. He kept shouting. And he kept complaining that the place was too big and there were too many people.

I also really liked the other featured comedian, Brian Malow. He's a friend of Mitch and went on before him as a warm-up. I bought Brian's CD and he signed it for me. Yay!

My mom doesn't want to take me to the Decemberists show now. I know I'll be able to find someone else to take me, but it's still disappointing. I really wanted her to go with me. *sigh* Oh well.

I'm rereading Harry Potter books 3-5 for the second time this summer. Does that make me a complete and total nerd? Yes....yes, it does. Yay.

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