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Birthday sleepover partay was fun! During the day we hung out in my backyard, talking and listening to music and shite. Michael came over in the evening (and OMG he gave me a Lupin action figure for my birfday OMG!!111!1) and I finally got to show him my house. Three years of beings friends, and he'd never even been to my house. Feh. Anyways, at night we watched Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Red Dwarf, Strangers With Candy and Donnie Darko. So yeah, it was a fun party.

Ohh yeah, last night I watched two Thewlis movies: Gangster No.1 and Divorcing Jack. They were both quite enjoyable, and I loved his Irish accent in Divorcing Jack. Looooved it.

Filched from murcianobabyDjuna

The rules are as follows:

Cross out the guys/girls/things you would never sleep with

Bold the guys/girls/things you would sleep with

Italicize the ones you'd sleep with if you were paid to

And do nothing if you have no bloody idea!!!

Add 3 of your own!

1. Joel Tobeck
2. Craig Parker
3. James Phelps
4. Oliver Phelps

5. Tom Felton
6. Rupert Grint
7. Garrett Hedlund
8. Draco Malfoy
9. Eric Bana
10. Achilles Brad Pitt Achilles
11. Colin Farrell
12. Daniel Radcliffe
13. Emma Watson

14. Elijah Wood
15. Dominic Monaghan
16. Viggo Mortensen
17. Alan Rickman
18. Jason Isaacs
19. Lucius Malfoy
20. Jack Sparrow
21. Legolas Greenleaf
22. Carlos (from Love Actually)
23. Brian Kinney
24. Justin (also from Queer As Folk)
25. Emmett Honeycutt
26. Shane (from The L Word)
27. Angelina Jolie
28. Jessica Alba
29. Drew Barrymore
30. Melanie (from QaF)
31. Ben (from QaF)
32. Michael (from QaF)
33. Johnny Depp
34. Jensen Ackles
35. Doc Roe (Band of Brothers)
36. Older Simba
37. Liam Neeson
38. Christian Bale
39. Hayden Christensen
40. Jude Law
41. Keanu Reeves
42. Ewan McGregor
43. Hans Matheson
44. Hugh Jackman
45. Heath Ledger
46. Agamemnon
47. Priam Peter O'Toole Priam
48. Anthony Hopkins
49. Edward Norton
50. Kiefer Sutherland
51. Billy Boyd
52. Merlin Luck
53. Karl Urban
54. Gollum/Smeagol
55. Dobby
56. David Wenham
57. Richard Roxburgh
58. Gabrielle
59. Gary Oldman
60. David Thewlis
61. The Weasley Twins
62. Remus John Lupin
63. Michael Palin
64. Eric Idle
65. Jake Gyllenhaal

66. Ryan Gosling
67. Jim Caviezel
68. Alan Cumming
69. Jason Bateman
70. Graham Norton

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