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Yaaaay I actually have most of my necklaces in my shop now. The one I'm most proud of is definitely the Sailor Moon necklace. I haven't been doing too much besides working on this stuff soo...I guess this counts as an update?
Colors and Light


I haven't been checking LJ the last few weeks cause I've been really busy, but I'm here now! I started making jewelry earlier this year and I just had my first event/show/thing at a mini benefit concert! I didn't sell anything there, but at least I got a display together. I'll probably be putting the pieces on my etsy over the next few days.
Colors and Light


So I know I haven't updated in a while, but that's cause nothing's really happened since the last time I posted.
Except that I have an interview for a potential internship! I just got the email and aahhh. I really hope I get it, but at the very least I want to volunteer.

Here's me flailing.

Oh, and does anyone have any ideas about the appropriate attire for a museum internship interview?


Part of that was tumblr, but part of it was my computer screen breaking (not my fault!) and getting sent off to Texas for repairs. But my Blueberry and I were finally reunited this week and everything is good.

I don't think anything important has happened anyway. My mom got a new job (yay!) but her condo is being sold, so she has to move (balls).

Also I went to the Harry Potter premiere last night and pretty much cried through the whole thing. Our group nearly took up an entire row of seats and everyone was going nuts. It was awesome.

Oh, and my friend's sister made butterbeer cupcakes and I wanted to funnel them all straight into my mouth.
A world to rediscover


So I was really excited about this week, but then stuff happened and I got all deflated. But I'm still a bit hyped up.

TODAY: Glee Live in San Jose! Yes I know I'm a preteen shut up

TOMORROW: Birthday! Tiny little pool party with my closest friends and family.

SATURDAY: Graduation and all that cal.

SUNDAY: Family birthday/graduation lunch at my favorite restaurant.

This week is gonna be a party either way.

I did

Happy early Easter!

My Blueberry is doing really well and I'm so grateful to have a working computer and yay. I've been putting it through hell lately, watching and downloading tons of stuff just because I can, and it's held up fabulously well. I did manage to get a virus less than a week after we bought it, but I kicked its ass and now everything's gravy.

Oh! I forgot last time, but my friends and I started a tumblr for nerd-themed cocktails. We just started officially last week, but I think it's going to be lots of fun. The first drink is Star Trek related. Please to be taking a look if you're interested?

More meme time.

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- Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
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Fruits fruits


I got a new computer! I can watch things and look at things and do things and things and things. Everything is exciting.
And it's blue! I love it.

I'm also trying to learn piano again. Why not?

I also realized that I may not have ever mentioned this before, but I have a tumblr. I've had it for three years.
Heh, oops.
Feel free to follow or not or whatever.

I also have a fandom tumblr, if anyone's interested in staring at random pictures of Chris Colfer.

This screen is so bright and clear omg.